Jazz great of the week- PHAROAH SANDERS

Its such a beautiful day that we just couldn’t resist sharing our chosen jazz great early this week….. and he’s not going to disappoint!  Grammy award winning American saxophonist Pharoah Sanders has been described as the best tenor player in the world so of course we had to dedicate one of our frames to him!  Sanders is also known for his overblowing, harmonic and multiphonic techniques on the saxophone which helped developed the ideas of free jazz. 

Such a big musical personality deserves a frame to match which is why we feel the ‘PHAROAH’ frames suit him perfectly! The oversized frame with its strong angles and bursting personality come in many different colours making them a statement accessory for any wardrobe! 

And of course we have our favourite track to go with these frames because where would we be without music?! We love the raw feeling to Sanders music, 'Heart is a melody of time' demonstrates this beautifully! Be sure to enjoy and soak up the sun! 

Jazz great of the week- BUSTER BAILEY

Everyone knows we love a good jazz musician and what better way to celebrate the week than with Jazz clarinettist and saxophonist Buster Bailey (1902-1967). Bailey was one of the most respected session players of his era playing in his first orchestra at the age of just 15!  We feel this alone wins Buster Bailey a place among our frames, dedicating our ‘BUSTER’ frame to the jazz great! 

Our ‘BUSTER’ frames have a strong classic 50’s shape and with the dark colour range within the collection they bring a bold yet modern feel. Surely the perfect statement piece to any outfit! 

No matter how much we love glasses we love music even more and Bailey as some real treats for the ears! Getting us through the day is the beautiful 'Can't we just be friends' 


Jazz great of the week- LESTER YOUNG

  Our jazz great this week has to be American jazz saxophonist, Lester Young (1909-1959).  Young was one of the most influential players on his instrument, unlike a lot of his hard driven musical peers Young played with a relaxing cool tone, using sophisticated harmonies he managed to create a free-floating style for himself.  Known for his hip introverted style he popularised the hipster jargon, which became to be associated with the music. 


Our ‘LESTER’ frames with their very classic 50’s shape and sophisticated modern twist have been dedicated to our Jazz great of the week Lester Young. We feel that with our wide range of colours they are a perfect match for his care free spirit. 


                           BLACK EYEWEAR- LESTER COLLECTION

                         We love Lester Young - 'Mean to Me' (1958) 


Jazz great of the week- TRIXIE SMITH

Bringing you our jazz great of the week and the inspiration behind our ‘TRIXIE’ frames, African-American blues and jazz singer, actress and entertainer Trixie Smith (1895-1943).  During her successful career she made four dozen recordings however she mostly sustained herself through performing in cabaret and musical vaudeville. 


The ‘TRIXIE’ frames in light tortoiseshell, these cat eye frames are bursting with personality and creativity just like Trixie herself! 



                           Full range of the ‘TRIXIE’ frames here! 

Loosing ourselves in Trixie Smith’s 'My daddy rocks me' insane to think this truly beautiful song was recorded in the 20’s! make sure you have a listen! 

Jazz great of the week- EMILY REMLER

 We feel so inspired by the work of jazz great Emily Remler (1957-1990) that we just had to dedicate our ‘EMILY’ frames to her and name her jazz great of the week!  Emily was an American jazz guitarist who rose to fame in the 1980’s. During her career she recorded seven albums of hard bop, jazz standards and fusion guitar.  She used to say “ I may look like a nice Jewish girl from New Jersey, but inside I’m a 50-year-old, heavyset black man with a big thumb, like Wes Montgomery.” 

The ‘EMILY II’ frames in red, these cat eye lenses give off a strong sense of style and personality which is why we feel they would suit Emily Remler perfectly! 

                                        The full colour range! 

We could sit and listen to Emily play the guitar for hours! Get lost in her wonderful music, our top track is 'Blues for Herb' released in 1988. 

Jazz great of the week- ZOOT SIMS!

Introducing our jazz great of the week Zoot Sims! (1925-1985).  Alto and soprano saxophonist he played with renowned bands and was regarded by his peers as one of the strongest swingers in the field. Although Zoot’s style did not change much after the early 1950’s he always sounded inspired and his enthusiasm and creativity never wavered. The same creativity can be found in the design of our ‘ZOOT’ frames. These frames have a very bold circular shape and have a wide selection of colours, which we feel is very fitting to Zoot’s inspired sounds!             



                            Our range of ZOOT colours! 

 Have a listen to one of our favourite tracks ‘Georgia on my mind’ 

                              Zoot- Georgia on my mind

Jazz great of the week- SHELLY MANNE

Our Jazz great of the week and who we have dedicated our ‘SHELLY’ frames to is American jazz drummer Shelly Manne (1920-1948). Born Sheldon Manne in New York 1920, he could be relied on within many musical situations as he could play numerous styles including Dixieland, swing, bebop and jazz fusion.  During his career he contributed to the background of hundreds of Hollywood films and TV programs including ‘Breakfast at tiffany’s’ and ‘The pink Panther’  


                                      Our Full Shelly collection!

 We can’t get enough of Shelly Manne playing the drums on the ‘King        Swings’ from 1962. Have a listen and you’ll understand why! 

                            Shelly Manne-King Swings (1962)


Bill Nighy appears on the cover of this weeks Big Issue wearing beautifully bold statement frames. We love this look on Mr Nighy, the strong shaped frames give Bill a very defined, modern, sophisticated yet unique style. 

Bill clearly loves this style too, as we look back into his eyewear past we can see he stays true to this bold look which is very similar to our very own ‘CHET’ frames! 


Jazz great of the week- JIMMY SMITH!

Our Jimmy frames have been dedicated to Jazz great Jimmy smith (1925-2005). At the age of just Nine years old he won a Philadelphia radio contest as a boogie-woogie pianist, he then went onto be a prolific recording artist realising a series of instrumental albums. Jimmy was best know for popularising the electric organ and in 2005 he was awarded the NEA jazz masters award from the National Endowment of the Arts, this being the highest honour bestowed upon Jazz musicians in America.  


The ‘JIMMY’ frames in Amber Havana, the very bold statement frames we feel match the music created by our chosen jazz great of the week, Jimmy Smith. 

             Check out the full range of colours by visiting our website!


Our favourite Jimmy Smith track has to be ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ recorded in 1962 as part of his album Bashin’. Be sure to have a listen and get inspired! 

                      ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ Jimmy Smith 1962.

Jazz great of the week- BILL EVANS!

Jazz pianist Bill Evans is the inspiration behind our ‘BILL’ frames and is our chosen jazz great for this week.  He was highly admired within music with his impressionist harmony and inventive interpretation of the traditional jazz repertoire. He had a very distinct playing posture in which his neck would often be stooped very low with his face and ear parallel to his piano.  


The ‘BILL’ frames have a very traditional 50’s style with a wide selection of bold colours giving them a modern twist. A true classic frame for a classic jazz great! 

             Have a look at the full ‘BILL’ collection here!


Our jazz track of the week has to be ‘Someday my Prince will come’ recorded in 1970! make sure you have a listen to our jazz great this week! 

               Someday my Prince will come-Bill Evans